Naum Khmelnitsky

June 17, 1941 - September 16, 1999

Over the years, I have had plenty of great wins. I also had  a few losses. However, September 16, 1999 I have suffered my greatest loss - I lost my Father. I miss him so much. 
As far back as I remember, my Father, former athlete, was always active, energetic and eager to help. Friends, relatives, people who only had brief encounters, all liked him. papa5_young_1.JPG (18337 bytes)
papa6_kahovka.JPG (28065 bytes) He taught me chess when I was 5 or so. He took me to my first regional tournament. My Father was my biggest fan and supporter. Over the years I have won many games and a lost a few. The losses didn't concern me as much as the knowledge that I have to call him and tell him what happened. I know that He was taking my losses way too seriously! But when I got my first victory over Grandmaster or when I was awarded title of International Master, you wouldn't find happier man on Earth! papa2_temple.JPG (26675 bytes)
My Father was my best friend. He was never asking, but always offering. Unfortunately, I haven't always appreciated that. And now, when he isn't around anymore, I feel great emptiness.

papa4_baby_1.JPG (28859 bytes)

Cancer strikes everyone - rich and poor, good and bad, single and family. He knew that he is loosing the battle, but my dad never asked for pity or any special care.  He fought hard , but lost and we all lost as well...