Everyone is Welcomed Generous Commissions 5%-25% Easy Set-up Process and Tracking


I am a big fan of Amazon.com – I buy a lot from them, own their stock, use their credit card, etc… Looking at their business model and referral service in particular, I get a good sense of how important you – my customers are to my success. If you like what you see on my site, what you get from my lessons, my books and products, or any other services – please spread the word. And if you believe that there is something that can be improved, please let me know, I am open to suggestions.


I always appreciate your referrals. Now I am also offering generous commissions for your referral that lead to sale of  my services and my training materials.


Four ways you can earn commissions – Promotion; Sale via PayPal; Broker a deal with school or chess club; Promote my book and get paid by Amazon.


Promotion – add a link or my banner to your site, your newsletter, distribute my flyers in your club or a bulletin board, etc… When a person buys any of my services or my training materials and mentions you as a source of finding my site – you get 15% commission of the amount I was paid for the 1st service + 5% for any additional amount INDEFINITELY. Additionally, I will keep track of those who referred the most people who made any kind of purchases on my site and will acknowledge top three with special gifts. Everyone is welcomed to participate. Please e-mail  your requests to me and specify how you would promote me. I would send you my banner for your web site, flyers, business cards and set up a referral account for you. When you are mentioned as a source of referral, I will be able to keep track and make payments. Also, I can inform you timely about any changes in the referral policy.


Sale via PayPal – if you own a web site or mailing list and would like to sell my services and training materials to your audience, I can send you specially designed links to put on your site. When someone actually makes a purchase, the receipt from PayPal will clearly indicate you as a source of reference. Commissions vary between 5% - 25% depending on the item of sale. Please contact me for details and links.


Broker a deal with your school or chess club – please contact  me directly and discuss your proposition. This can involve group lessons, lectures, simultaneous exhibitions, or just visits. Also, larger book/software purchases.


Promotion on Amazon – become Amazon.com Associate (click associate) - you don't even need a website. Create a link to my book as instructed by Amazon - here is the example:


Promote my book by passing the link around and earn commission from Amazon. For example,

if you buy my book after clicking on the above link I will earn 7.5% or more from Amazon.