Examples below are regularly used in my training sessions. Please feel free to try them. However, you should keep in mind that level of difficulty in these examples range from beginner (1000+) up to senior master (2400). Don't be discouraged if you couldn't do the positions. Please check my suggestions below. If you become my student, you will get specifically designed set of training positions that will help you to progress gradually. Also, I am in the process of designing generic training sessions for various rating levels. Make sure to check back later or e-mail to be placed on our mailing list. Good Luck!

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Keep In Mind

1. Tactical / Calculation position
    A. Evaluate the position
    B. Identify weaknesses / Threats
    C. Find targets and motives

    D. Find a combination

    E. Calculate all the lines

Please remember that you want to find all variations and then choose the best one - the one in which White and Black play their best choices. Not many combinations can be busted, but to me - this is the ultimate challenge. Good luck!

2. Strategy - Complicated position without immediate need for calculations
     A. Evaluate the position;
     B. Identify Strength and Weaknesses of both positions;
     C. Identify potential Targets and Motives;
     D. Find Ideas for you as well as for your opponent's;
     E. Develop short and long plan;
     F. Outline moves candidates;
     G. Make move.

Practice against friend or a strong PC.

3. Complicated Endgame Position
    A. Identify whether position is "Dynamic" or "Static"
    B. if "Dynamic" -
         1. Emphasize calculations and use general principles;
         2. Use knowledge and judgment to identify moves candidates;
         3. Calculate Variations;
         4. Proceed according to your calculations.
   C. if "Static" -
        1. Emphasize knowledge and judgment to identify ideas;
        2. Develop plan;
        3. Outline moves candidates;
        4. Proceeded according to your plan.

4. "Fun" Position

Use your imagination and show flexibility of your thought process