Chess Training  
for Kids


There are many benefits from getting children involved in chess as early as possibly. You will see tremendous increase in their attention, discipline of thinking, better results at school and a lot more. States like New York and New Jersey have chess now as requirement of their school curriculum. More and more colleges are offering various incentives for chess players - from full scholarships to extra points for admission evaluation.


Here is the sample list with 12 reasons your kids should take up Chess. 

1. Chess  requires higher level thinking skills;

2. Chess improves ability to concentrate;

3. Chess provides tremendous motivation;

4. Chess is inexpensive;

5. Chess is quite;

6. Chess is an esteem builder;

7. Chess improves discipline;

8. Chess helps students become less impulsive;

9. Chess is a great vehicle for teaching sportsmanship;

10. Chess is fun;

11. Chess teaches patience;

12. Chess is safe.

(Ann Campbell, Chess Life, October, 1997)


I am one of the three coauthors of the three-volume curriculum, titled Teaching Chess Step by Step that Kasparov's Chess foundation published. Foreword by Kasparov.

Press Release from Kasparov Chess Foundation: The three-volume curriculum, titled Teaching Chess Step by Step, features a Teacher's Manual (336 pages), Exercises (160 pages) and Activities (48 pages). Authored by notable chess educators Igor Khmelnitsky, Michael Khodarkovsky and Michael Zadorozny, and editorialized by Pete Tamburro, the materials provide teachers with mechanics to lead a group of beginning students from the rudiments of chess rules to the ability of playing a full game in a competent manner. Combined, they bring a 21st Century approach to teaching one of the oldest strategy games in existence.

 am very pleased with the final product.

I have a couple of sets available and can autograph them for you. Use the button on the left - $51 postage paid (US - insured shipping, Non-US will be billed separately another $25 for shipping).

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Recommended gifts for your favorite young chess-player:

SusanPolgar_LearnEasy.jpg (35111 bytes)


(1hr 20 min)

Grandmaster Susan Polgar

Presents The Best Beginning dvd ever produced. Now subtitles in 4 Languages Spanish, French, German and English. NL

Learning Chess the Easy Way:
Chess for Absolute Beginners


Ivashenko - Manual of Chess Combinations 1A   -

Intended Audience – Players from absolute beginners to 1000, semi/hardcover, 144 pp

Excellent book for beginners - basic mates and tactics, intro into basic endgames. 

First book for hundreds of thousands of Russian kids and adults beginners. LIMITED SUPPLY in Moscow

Book (large)

 Gary's Adventures in Chess Country (Hardcover, color inside) - (by Sukhin, intro - Polgar)
Excellent book for younger kids (3+), very colorful, nice story line, clean pictures


Great way to draw your child into the wonderful world of chess








Chess Camp is a new training system for beginning chessplayers, and for the parents and coaches who teach them. Starting with simple problems to illustrate key concepts, and then progressing to more complex positions, the student will learn by doing, methodically integrating new information with previous knowledge while building effective thinking habits at the board. Click pictures to see more details on Amazon. See my brief review here.


CD for PC

Dinosaur Chess: Learn to Play - Excellent software for kids

  • A fun way for children to learn to play chess
  • Over 20 mini games and puzzles
  • Play simplified and full chess games against the dinosaurs
  • Entertaining and challenging

Review and snapshots here




Many other Polgar's DVDs - $19.95 each let me know what you need


Orders of over $65 will get complimentary chess cartoon calendar ($7.95, while supplies lasts) and my 14 pages memo Guide for Parents Dec 2005) ($9.95) 


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'Absolute Beginner' package - makes fantastic gift!


1.  Teaching Chess Step by Step (Kasparov Chess Foundation) (3 books)

2.  S. Polgar - Learning Chess the Easy Way: Chess for Absolute Beginners (DVD)

3.   Dinosaur Chess: Learn to Play (CD for PC)

4.  14 pages memo Guide for Parents (Dec 2005)


(25% off)





The chess is booming as far as the children are concerned. I witnessed tremendous interest and success when 

I attended the K-6 Nationals in 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008 and K-12 Supernationals in 2005 


I get a lot of questions from parents interested in getting their children and themselves involved in chess. I offer both - the Q&A session with the parents (in-office or phone) as well as individual training session with the child (in-office). Also, for long-distance students who are children, I offer game reviews and recommendations via e-mail.


The basic low - cost options for the parents are:


1. My 14 pages memo Guide for Parents (Dec 2005) that covers in details the following topics:

1. Why to get your kids involved in chess.
2. Parent as a coach.
3. Chess equipment, books and software – target ratings, descriptions, how to use, etc....

4. Training at home – self and with adult.

5. Tournament participation.
6. My child made a significant progress, what is next?
7. Additional resources for parent.


* I also have links to the vendors of chess equipment. These links are not guaranteed to work and you should always exercise caution when ordering products on Internet.


Additionally you will receive  How to Solve & Practice Training Exercises + set of sample training exercises.





Question & Answer 30 minute Session for Parent

Easy access to experienced chess coach to get any of your questions answered quickly. Book recommendations, training exercises, opening preparation etc... Perfect for parents who can't come to my office in Philadelphia suburb. Child is not needed for the session. The session is done via Phone. I'll call to US-based parents, so no additional phone charge. Also, you will get the above mentioned memo Guide for Parents complimentary.




Payments - check, money order, credit card via PayPal or cash.

Check or Money order can be mailed to

Igor Khmelnitsky

PO Box 60088

King of Prussia, PA 19406


My Regular Training Offers (kids of all levels - beginner to master):

I offer the following services to parents who want to have their children evaluated and general recommendation on how to get them involved into chess.


I offer in-office training for children (parents are welcomed to attend) and phone consultations for parents.


Regular Training in my Office (King of Prussia, PA):

Typical session with child of such age lasts about 90 - 120 minutes, and involves various game-tests, introduction to books and software, and discussion with parents.

$95 for 1hr, $140 for 1.5 hrs or $175 for 2hrs

The latter is preferred, unless child doesn't respond well to the session. Sessions are every 1-3 months


I am available for subsequent follow-ups via e-mail and/or phone for quick questions free of charge.


Payments - check, money order, credit card via PayPal or cash.

Questions, comments - please contact me