Tutankhamen's Tomb King Tut Chess Set by  Franklin Mint

If you are one of many owners of this beautiful set who were unfortunate to have some of the common problems - snapped corner guard (extremely common), missing pieces (common), heavily scuffed/damaged board, this page might be for you! I have replacements available. Please see below.

US buyers - you can pay listed prices (below) via (1) PayPal, or (2) Send a check or Money order and save 3%, or (3) ask me to setup an EBay auction (to be better protected), but this would cost extra 15% to cover for EBay fee. Or contact me using the link below (ignore chess book questions, but use comments field).
Non-US buyers - you can NOT use PayPal link. You can only go EBay route mentioned above, but I will ship to EBay and EBay will ship to you. This would be VERY costly due to Ebay fees. Or, you can send me $$ via Moneygram and I will ship direct. Please contact me using the link below (ignore chess book questions, but use comments field).
Contact me with details if you need a special arrangement I will issue PayPal invoice (US). Money order (US) or Moneygram (Non-US) accepted as well.
If you are looking for a complete set, please check this link

Please review the photos. Pieces and corner guards are in great condition. The board is in good condition with some very minimal scuffs. Click photos to enlarge! . 


The following items are available: please make sure to send me a note telling what piece and what color you are ordering.



Pay for 1

Includes insured shipping (US only).


Significant Discounts if you buy multiple pieces.

Dome Cover $295 (Like NEW)

King and Queen   $29 / each

Rook / Bishop / Knight $24 / each

Pawns   $19 / each

Board (no guards) $44

Corner Guard - no damage (with hardware to attach) $45 / each

Guard - glued ("as is", may break while shipped) (with hardware to attach) $22 / each

Guard - broken (with hardware to attach) $20/ each

Sizes are approximate:

KING � 2� TALL - 3.3 OZ 

PAWN � -1 1/2� TALL � 0.8 OZ

CORNER GUARD - 2 3/4" - 3.3OZ

BOARD 16" x 16"


"It began over three thousand years ago, in ancient Egypt's Valley of the Kings, where a great pharaoh died at the tender age of 18--and with him was laid to rest the treasures of his kingdom, many made entirely of solid gold! They lay buried for centuries, until in 1922 world-acclaimed archeologist Howard Carter discovered them once more. Today those priceless masterworks are displayed in museums and can only be experienced from afar.
   Now you can own a masterpiece reflecting the incomparable splendor of the greatest art discovery of all time. The Treasures of Tutankhamun Chess Set. Each of the 32 playing pieces is intricately sculptured, then richly coated in 24 karat gold. And each represents a revered artifact from the era of Tutankhamun himself. The playing board is framed in rich hardwood and trimmed with accents of ebony black and gleaming 24 karat gold. The set includes a dust cover -- a pyramid-shaped showpiece crafted of solid glass and polished brass." 

Contact me if interested or need additional details.