If you offer chess related products or services, I would be glad to discuss various partnership options. I offer my experience as a player and a coach, degree in business, well-established and promoted web site, and easy access to major events in Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York and Delaware. Annually, approx. 20,000 players of all ages, levels and buying habits participate in chess events in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware, Massachusetts and New York areas. Only World Open in Philadelphia, typically draws several thousands players who are serious about chess, since there 10 or so rating groups with each having top prizes between $6,000 - $14,000.


I offer free product evaluation, fee based advertisement and promotion. Check current list of my Partners, Favorite Vendors and Advertisers.


Here are a few possibilities, and if there is something else you want propose, please contact me.


If you want to help me in promoting my web site, I offer lucrative commissions - please check my Affiliate Program.


If you want to receive timely updates, special offers and more, please join my mailing list.







Review of Your Products or Services

If you have a product or service you want me to evaluate and tell my students / visitors about - I would be happy to this free of charge. Just submit your product or service for my evaluation. I will have a final decision whether to place it on my recommended  list or not. Your submissions will not be return and I may decide not to provide any comments.

Products should be shipped to

Igor Khmelnitsky

PO Box 60088

King of Prussia, PA 19406

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Advertise specific products and services directly on our site

Products that I like and recommend, have links to the optimal places to buy them. If you would like to sponsor such a link via flat $$ fee, barter of products or sales commissions, I am open to proposals. See an example ChessAssistant

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Advertise / Promote your products at the chess events in USA

I can join your representatives at any major Chess event in the USA. Philadelphia - $300 / half- day (approx. 5 hrs) or  $100 / hr. Other cities - $100 / hr + traveling expenses.


I can distribute your flyer at various major events I attend. Fees - 

  • photocopying - $0.10 per b/w copy, and 

  • distributing photocopies at the tournament - $30 per tournament.

If you don't have a flyer, I can design one for you for and additional $50.

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Have Banner Promoting Your Business

Currently you can advertise on my main page www.IamCoach.com as well on other pages on my site. You can have your ad shown exclusively or share the spot with other ads by choosing frequency your ad will show per 1000 hits. For example, if you choose <500> option, your ad will be displayed 50% of the time. You can choose contract for 1 month (rates are shown below), 6 months (20% discount) or 12 months (at 40% discount). 


Location / Shows per 1000 hits    1,000        750       500       250       100
Main Page - Top Middle N/A N/A $50 $25 $10
Main Page - Other $20 $15 $10 $5 $2
New Books - Top Middle $60 $45 $30 $15 $6
Other Pages (contact for availability) $30 $23 $15 $8 $3


All fees are in US currency or equivalent product value, per month and guaranteed for 1 year.

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