I am glad you are considering asking me to help you with your training. Below are the options for you to consider for the Initial Evaluation Session. A La Carte sessions can be customized to suit your needs (from bi-weekly to semi-annually) and include re-assessment, game reviews, targeted training, general questions and answers etc... 

  • In Office - King of Prussia, Pennsylvania near world famous King of Prussia mall. Convenient to PA Turnpike, 76, 202. Near the site of several major Chess Tournaments, including the 2007 World Open.

  • On site during the major tournaments in Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York and Delaware.

  • Phone training - I'll call you, no extra phone charges (US, Canada). Skype is available for Non-US students and video sessions.

  • Internet Chess Club (ICC) - perfect solution for long-distance students. Virtual class room.

  • At your location - individual or group sessions, simultaneous exhibitions, etc... additional fees

Improvement Process - Success In Simple Steps (PDF) - Watch The Video: (click bottom right corner of the video to get the full screen)

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A la Carte:

What we can do: questions and answers, game reviews, playing games (ICC) and reviewing them, specialty training (I prepare positions and we discuss them), etc... Phone (US) + ICC, or Skype (Non-US) + ICC.


Actual Session Time 60 min 90 min 120 min (*) 6 hours
Fee $95 $140 $175 $510
PayPal (accept credit cards, you don't need to have an account, no extra fees)



Written review of games (e-mail or mail) - 1 game = 20 minutes, 3 games minimum  (annotations + summary). Subsequent face to face meeting to go over on ICC and/or Skype is a possible add-on. Must be submitted in PGN or CBV. Other submissions (e.g. hand-written or typed in e-mail or Word) at extra cost.


Notes: (*) - 120 minutes can be split into two 1hr lessons taken within 30 days.

(**) 6 hours can be used in any combination of 1hr, 90 min, and 2hr sessions and must be all taken within 6 months period. The payment for 6 hours should be made in money order or check - address is below. If you insist on using PayPal - CLICK HERE - there will be a $15 charge to cover the PayPal fee. Please contact me if you have questions. Typical sessions are scheduled on weeknights and weekends. Eastern (NY) time.

Recommended Options for the Initial Session:


Comprehensive Ultimate
Session Setting Phone / Tournament site Phone / Office Phone / Office
Actual Session Time (1) 30 min 60 min 60 min 90 min 60 min 90 min
Fee $55 $95 $135 $175 $195 $235
Recommended for 
Parents / Guardians / Coaches Y - -
Novices Y - -
Enjoys chess, mainly non-competitive Y Y -
Competitors (<1 events per month) Y Y Y
Frequent competitors (>1 events per month) Y Y Y
Your Objectives (Expectations): 
Get general questions answered




Learn about participation in  tournaments Y Y Y
Questions related to training at home Y Y Y
General Book / Software recommendations Y Y Y
General Training Plan Y Y Y
Detailed Book / Software recommendations - Y Y
Comprehensive Training Plan - Y Y
Specific recommendations based on student's chess skills / abilities (2) - Y Y
Specific recommendations based on student's chess skills / abilities and practical skills (2), (3) - - Y
Included at no extra fee: 
10% discount on book / software purchases Y Y Y
Sample Training Exercises Y Y Y
How to study openings (Memo 2004, $5.95) (4) Y Y Y
Chess for Kids (Memo 2006, $9.95) (4) Y Y Y
"Chess Exam" results review Y Y Y
Questionnaire review - Y Y
Detailed "Chess Exam" results review - Y Y
Provided additional "Chess Exam" statistical reports - Y Y
Student's Games (3) returned with light annotations (review) -



Occasional e-mail support to address quick questions - Y Y
Actual Session Time (1) 30 min 60 min 60 min 90 min 60 min 90 min
Fee $55 $95 $135 $175 $195 $235
PayPal (accept credit cards, you don't need to have an account, no extra fees)
Check or Money Order:

Igor Khmelnitsky

PO Box 60088

King of Prussia, PA 19406

Please provide phone# and convenient times to schedule session.

(1) Comprehensive and Ultimate sessions require additional preparation time (already reflected in the fee) to review Chess Exam results and Games.
(2) Student should read my book Chess Exam and Training Guide and submit results.
(3) Student should submit 3 recent games electronically in *.PGN format. If you don't own ChessBase or Fritz software, download fee ChessBase demo from www.ChessBase.com. Alternatively, hand-written games can be submitted via mail or fax. Extra fee of $65 to store them in chess database format.
(4) All materials are copyrighted and shouldn't be forwarded and distributed in any way.

Questions or comments, please contact me via this form or e-mail address found in my books.