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The original Chess Test was welcomed by several 100s of chess players and in 2004 became an award-winning book "Chess Exam and Training Guide: Rate Yourself and Learn How to Improve." 

The test helped you to identify an overall rating as well as to break it down into 12 additional categories - Opening - Middlegame-Endgame; Attack-Defense-Counterattack; Tactics-Strategy-Calculation; Standard Endgame, Sacrifice, Threats. In addition to having the rating estimates,  you got tips on how to improve your skills along with the book and software recommendations.


Now comes the next test in which will look in greater detail in one of the 12 categories - TACTICS.

Tactics should be the most important part of your preparation. The old cliché says - "Chess is 90% Tactics." Tactical operations can change the situation in a dramatic fashion no matter what stage of the game it is (Opening vs. Middlegame vs. Endgame), what the dynamics of the position (Attacking vs. Defending).


In this new test, you will answer 120 questions (60 diagrams / 2 questions each) and then you will get your Tactical profile with the 30 Ratings and other stats.


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Question Answer and Stats Tactical Profile


Here is the sample of your Tactical ratings that the tool will calculate -

See actual Rating Summary of one of my students - rated approx. 1650.


The tool is available in two versions - Excel (recommended) or, if you don't have Excel, Acrobat.pdf.





You download the file - IK-test-tactics.xls (1.8MB). Save it into your Hard Drive.

Read the Instructions tab. Fill in the Information tab. Go to the Test tab and answer first 5 questions, they are fully functional. See screen shots above.


Make a payment ($9.95 or $14.95) to get the upgrade. I will send you password via e-mail. Answer all of the questions and get your ratings on the Rating Summary  tab.


Please note that I offer no tech support. Before purchasing any of the upgrades use the demo and answer the first 5 questions. So far, I got no complains. There are no macros in this tool.


Purchase details and specials (you get a lot of freebies) are below.


Non-Excel - PDF fiels . You can get the free PDF reader at

You make a full payment

You will get *.pdf with with 60 questions (Sample with questions 1-5- IK-Test-Tactics-Questions-DEMO.pdf

You will get *.pdf with with answers, points and statistics for each of the 60 questions (Sample with Answers 1-5- IK-Test-Tactics-Answers-DEMO.pdf)

You will answer all of the questions and record your answers in this file (Answer.txt)

Next, you will e-mail Answer.txt to me via this e-mail .

I will run your answers through the model and send you this Rating Summary 


Because I have to be involved in the process - receiving your file, running the model, producing your summary and e-mailing it to you, the fee for this process is slightly higher than for Excel version.





Purchase the TEST:




Password will be e-mailed. No refunds, so run it as a demo first. Free extras - see below.


Gold - full testing and 8 out of 30 rating statistics.


Platinum - full testing and all 30 rating statistics. 




Non-Excel (PDF):

Platinum - full testing and all 30 rating statistics. 





Note: that Non-Excel (PDF) version cost a little extra since, I will have to run the model to develop reports for you.



Free extras with the purchase of $14.95 or over:

Section: Tactics from my book "Chess Exam and Training Guide"

"How to Prepare Openings" - (Copyright @ 2002) my notes to my students on how to prepare opening.

Sample ChessBase files with various examples and MS Word files with general training tips.

$5 off the purchase of my book "Chess Exam and Training Guide"



Questions or comments - please send me e-mail 


If this is your first contact, please contact me via this form to save time.



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