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September, August - new chess sets, June - July - Jerger clocks, Fischer my 60 memorable games (1st edition)  April - May 2016 added - FM heraldic Chess set, Jerger Chess Clock, Franklin Mint Chess Sets (Faberge Egg, Looney Toney and King Tut). If you see something you like, please note that I often offer 10% off or other sales. Please feel free to send your questions or serious offers.

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Chess Encyclopedias, other books...

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and Misc

  A Few Old Friends by David DeLucia - details Encyclopedia of Chess Endings (ECE) - amazing condition for these 1st editions!- details Ultra rare - out of print Russian encyclopedias- details Fischer my 60 memorable games 1st ed, Informants, NIC yearbooks, etc... details




chess_clock2.jpg (49379 bytes) chess_clock2.jpg (49379 bytes) chess_clock3.JPG (59074 bytes)
  Vintage Russian (1950s) - details 5 vintage Jergers (1960s-70s). More coming soon! - details Game used w/ scoresheets, COAs - details Rare electronic clock from Russia details

Chess Sets

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Danbury Mint Fantasy of Crystal Chess Set Awesome find! New! details Individual pieces available!

1982 Franklin Mint Heraldic Chess Set Sterling silver & 24K Gold MINT. Awesome find! Brilliant condition! details Individual pieces available!

Vintage Looney Toney By Franklin Mint. Two sets, also individual pieces. details

Vintage Faberge Chess Egg set By Franklin Mint. Very nice condition. details


Tutankhamon Tomb Vintage Set with Pyramid Cover. By Franklin Mint. details Also parts available.

Star Trek and Star Trek Next Generation 3D by Franklin Mint  details
Alice in Wonderland Unique Design for Alcoa VIPs (1960s) SOLD Harry Potter Final Challenge beautiful chess set with board and box for pieces details


Wow - Custom Made

Eagles vs. Cowboys NFL Custom made / painted by Studio Anne Carlton details

  Elizabethan Chess Set and Board nice condition details Studios Anne Carlton (SAC) Sherlock Holmes chess set details    
  Teak chess set (King 12") - nice condition details Vintage hand crafted Leather chess set, signed and dated '74 unique! details (SOLD) Vintage Porcelain hand painted  chess set beautiful!! details SOLD Vintage Duncan ceramic Sets professionally painted details



My comments



American Chess Journal - 3 issues 

Premier Issue (1992, Fischer), 2nd issue (1993), 3rd issue (1995)

Great condition! 

Insured shipping is included for US orders. Non-US, please contact me before ordering



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Officially Stamped Program from the Petrosyan - Spassky World Championship Match (Moscow, 1969)

In Russian, 6 x 8.5, 32 pages. Good condition. Click on the picture to enlarge. 

Very Rare! Official stamp of the match on the inside cover!



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Chess Studies by Troistky (1937, McKay)

Very old and rare book. Good condition Hardcover, 264 pages.



Rare Bobby Fischer - 11 older rare books + 1 brand new DVD (with Dzindzi). Nice find for Fischer collector. condition varies from new to gently used. Some books may have markings.   contact me Several books were sold. DVD and some still available. Non US contact me
Rare Bobby Fischer - Piatigorsky Cup 1 and 2. Nice find for Fischer collector. Condition used - good $125 + $10 insured shipping (US).


Non US contact me


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Collector's special - rare Capablanca collection 3 books. Condition like new to used - very good $24 + $5 insured shipping (US).

Capablanca's 100 best games of chess by Holombek 1st paperback ed. 1978, no obvious defects

Purchase multiple lots and shipping will be refunded via PayPal (please e-mail request)


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Fine, R. "Basic Endgames" (1941, 1st edition)

Fantastic condition (nearly mint, little yellowing...)



Reti_masters_2.jpg (11951 bytes)Reti_masters.jpg (10314 bytes)

Reti, R. "Masters of the Chess Board" (1958, 1st edition - reprinted)

Fantastic condition (nearly mint, little yellowing)



The Dragon-Master's Dagger

By Franklin Mint. Excellent condition. Was on display. Details



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Coca Cola Official Chess Set

By Franklin Mint. Beautiful. Never played with. Stained glass. Always on Display. Can provide more details. Limited edition. Non-US, please contact me for s/h cost (minimum $49 on smaller items).





FIDE Official Chess Set by Franklin Mint World Class set!

"... The first and only set ever commissioned expressly for presentation to the World Chess Champions. Thirty-two majestic hardwood playing pieces. Each one crafted to exacting tournament standards and richly finished in contrasting shades of mahogany and maple. To emphasize their unique official status, each is also hand-set atop a polished brass plate, etched with the official seal of the World Chess Federation. And the seal also appears on each side of the hardwood-framed game board, etched into solid brass."

In the original FM box

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  Franklin Mint Harleys - click here
  Franklin Mint Corvettes - click here
  Franklin Mint Monopoly - click here


Other Antique books. Any additional comments as two what these books are greatly appreciated. Offers above $100 (for each book) will be considered. Condition is fair. Restoration is recommended. Please contact me with your comments/offers.

  Conversation on The Bible by Enoch Pond, Nichols & company, wheeler Publishing Company, 1888, 630 pages

SOLD Festival of Song by Saunders, Randolph & Company, 1866, 376 pages

SOLD Night Scenes in the Bible - Zeigler & McCurdy, 1870, 544pgs


Also, I started building new shopping website and some items are already there. Check it out after you examine the items on this page -