The main challenges in Chess Training are:

Ø      Identifying weaknesses,

Ø      Prioritizing needs,

Ø      Correcting problems,

Ø      Checking.


Throughout my career as a player and a coach, I was following the methodology developed by one of the most celebrated chess coaches – Mark Dvoretsky. At the basis of it – using thousands of diagrams in chess training and  to stick to the following path: Test – Train – Re-test. I have accumulated a huge library of examples covering numerous areas of chess – from high level such as “Opening vs. Endgame” to drilldown such as “Defending against Pin in the Middlegame”


How can you benefit? Well, You can:

Either way, you will be exposed to initial testing, subsequent training exercises & materials to use for homework, re-testing.


Sample exercises (note that the level of difficulty is random, whereas for individual training, I use specific level based on your needs):


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