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  • 04/10/13 Chess Training: Igor's Chess Doubles #5
  • 04/01/13 New Collectables - Jerger chess clock, Franklin Mint chess sets, more!
  • 03/25/13 Chess Training: Igor's Chess Doubles #4
  • 03/10/13 Chess Training: Igor's Chess Doubles #1- #2 - #3
  • 07/10/12 Chess Training: Assessing you skills while 'battling' Bobby Fischer - Find out more. 
  • 06/15/12 If you are one of thousands of players coming to downtown Philadelphia to play or watch the famous World open, please let me know. I will be visiting the tournament and I am always happy to interact with the readers of my books and my website. I am also offering discounted sessions before, during and after the event. What could be better then a little warm-up before the main event, or after the game review? Please contact me here and let me know if you are coming.
  • 03/05/12  I am a proud owner of one of the 225 copies of A Few Old Friends An Astonishing Overview of DeLucia's Chess Collection by David DeLucia. You can read some wonderful comments by a few selected owners / reviewers. Click here and here. This is truly an exceptional edition and a constant topic of conversations among my guests. You can order a copy from me for $350 + $25 s/h. First come first serve.

If you are interested in purchasing this book and also own my Chess Exam and Training Guide (2004), please contact me here and inquire about a (significant!) discount.

  • 05/11/11 More from Q&A with Bruce Pandolfini on ChessCafe.com

    Question ... I didn't play for many years until three years ago when I joined a site on the net and got trapped again by chess. But I can't improve my game (and I don't know how to). I will not become a master in the coming years. But I want to play good chess for my satisfaction and to exercise my brain, so is it possible to get some advice from you for improvement? Thank you in advance for a sincere answer. Yosi Raba (Israel)

    Answer The best way to improve you chess is to play often, especially facing opponents a little ahead of you, and then to have your play critiqued by a knowledgeable observer. ...

    ...You should also put effort into absorbing general principles, key middlegame formations, and basic endgame theory. Jeremy Silman's books, such as the impressive How to Reassess Your Chess, are excellent for all of that and more. You might also delve into Rapid Chess Improvement, by Michael de la Maza. Many students have been attracted to its fresh outlook and approach. I also heartily recommend Igor Khmelnitsky's You vs. Bobby Fischer. Like Khmelnitsky's earlier work, Chess Exam and Training Guide, it's a remarkably perceptive and satisfying original take on chess instruction. For fun and profit, it also can't hurt to play over a good game collection, with notes easy enough to read without being too taxing. ...

    See Pandolfini's earlier comments about Chess Exams in the news below. Click here and here.

  • 11/25/10 Attend chess camp without leaving your house. New books from Mongoose press

Chess is booming on the scholastic level! My main recommendations for parents and coaches have been very much the same for several years now. See them here.

In the recent years, Mongoose press successfully entered the market of chess books aimed at the beginners with the very colorful, densely packed, large formatted hardcover Gary's Adventures in Chess Country. For all it's attractiveness, the price was rather modest - $24 which Amazon and many retailers discounted to under $20.

Now, Mongoose press is releasing a set of 3 workbooks, aimed at the beginner. In these books the author, renown Russian chess educator Igor Sukhin, introduces captures, basic checkmates and easy tactics in a puzzle form. Chess Camp: Volume 1: Move, Attack, and Capture; Volume 2: Simple Checkmates; Volume 3: Checkmates with Many Pieces 

The books are reasonably priced (under $9 each, on Amazon), very attractive hardcover. There is very little text there, almost exclusively diagrams. A child, who can read the questions, will be able to use them without adults supervision. I would use these books as a prequel to Ivashenko's 1A/1B Manuals.


If you are parent who plays chess or a coach, you will save time in teaching kids using these workbooks. If you are a parent who knows nothing about chess, these books will be invaluable.

  • 10/20/10 Chess Training: When having Luft is not enough - Find out more. 
  • 09/24/10 More from Q&A with Bruce Pandolfini on ChessCafe.com

    Question: …But the difficult part is analyzing critical moments of a game, where I may have gone wrong. I have tried putting a game through Fritz, but don't find the comments very strategic or verbally developed enough to be useful. This is the area where I think I could really improve with the right method, but I don't really know of a satisfactory way to do it. Do you have any comments or advice? Philip Ruttley (USA)

    Answer: There is no one way to analyze your own chess games. Moreover, we are all different and, accordingly, approach study in different ways. … As far as books on this go (how to self-analyze), I understand your dilemma. You have to pick and choose, because no book in particular addresses solely how to selfanalyze a chess position. But there are some good writers who have tried to deal with the topic. Some of the authors whose works you might find intriguing are Alexander Kotov, Jeremy Silman, Jacob Aargard, Karsten Müller, Cecil Purdy, and Igor Khmelnitsky.”

  • 09/06/10 See my video review of the new CD "Simple Defense" from ChessOK/Convekta. Click here
  • 06/23/10 From Q&A with Bruce Pandolfini on ChessCafe.com

    Question I know you have published a lot of books, so maybe you realize how chess publishing is exploding, with many incredible chess books being out there now. Is there one you have seen that you thought was fantastic or particularly good? I am really looking for a book that would help me evaluate my play, almost as if I had gone to a chess master for help. What about your own books? Randy Harris (USA)

    Answer Leave me out of this. But I agree with you, there are many great books out there, so many, that I don't even know where to begin. So let's just wrap it up with one book, passing over all the other wonderful titles I probably should also mention (some other time). For now, get yourself a copy of Igor Khmelnitsky's Chess Exam and Training Guide. It's a truly original, superlative effort. To my mind, it nicely fulfills its stated goals, enabling you to evaluate your play, while helping you to improve. Why don't you give it a try

  • 06/14/10 If you are one of thousands of players coming to Valley Forge (25 min by car from downtown Philadelphia) to play or watch the famous World open, please let me know. I will be spending a good amount of time at the tournament and I am always happy to interact with the readers of my books and my website. I am also offering discounted sessions before, during and after the event. What could be better then a little warm-up before the main event, or after the game review? Please contact me here and let me know if you are coming.
  • 06/02/10 Chess clinic in Iowa in October 2010 with the famous writer and coach IM Andrew Martin and Bob Long - Read Bob's blog to find out more. I was a guest / presenter in 2004, and Andrew was there as well. The event was a blast!
  • 05/11/10 Chess Training: Zigzagging to success or dancing with the Q - Find out more. 
  • 02/21/10 Sale on Convekta / ChessOK products - Rybka, Ct-ARt etc... - save extra 10% on all of my favorites. See the prices here: Find out more. Once the payment is completed, request a refund via e-mail. Order two items and save even more - free shipping! Through 2/28/10, or while supplies last. Need anything that is not listed, contact me and request special order at the same great discount!
  • 01/25/10 Chess Training: Lessons from the Simul - Part 2 - Video - Find out more. 
  • 01/11/10 If you are coming to Parsippany, NJ around 02/13-15/2010, I will be attending and, maybe, even playing. If you see me, please come up and say "hello". If you'd like to have a lesson (minimum 30min), please e-mail in advance, I will have time available if you decide to do this at the last minute. If you have a team and want me participate, please contact me as well. if you don't have my e-mail, please use this form.
  • 01/10/10 I've known Bob Long for 5+ years. I was a guest one of his famous chess clinics back in 2004. It was a fun event and I met a lot of great people there. I've always enjoyed Bob's writing; I followed his blog and read his memoires. Bob has sent me a copy of his "Chess Reports" e-mail magazine (click here to view PDF file), and a link to his new blog (click here). Check this out and see if you like it! Any questions, please contact Bob directly (click here).
  • 12/24/09 Chess Training: Lessons from the Simul - Find out more. 
  • 12/06/09 Chess Exhibition: Simul and book signing - North Penn Chess Club (Lansdale, PA) on Friday 12/11/2009 at 7:45PM- Find out more. 
  • 12/05/09 The new "Chess Exam Matches - You vs. Fischer, play the match, rate yourself and improve your game" is here. Get your copy now. I did book signing at the National Chess Congress (Philadelphia) and got some great feedback, from readers and experts

IM Greg Shahade, the commissioner of USCL:

"A great balance between chess instruction and entertainment. The learning process is usually accelerated when there is a specific task at hand, and this book gives you a goal in each chapter: To try to defeat Bobby Fischer. Igor Khmelnitsky has left no stone unturned, even including fun tiebreak problems in case one of your matches should end in a tie. In all, reading this book and following the scoring system will make your chess studying experience much more fun than usual!". Find out more. 

  • 10/25/09 Chess Training: Game Review - seeking and finding patterns.- Find out more. 
  • 08/17/09 Chess Training: Creating material imbalance to change the dynamics of the game.- Find out more. 
  • 07/02/09 Chess Training: A fun and productive way to prepare openings.- Find out more. 
  • 06/02/09 Chess Training: Good trade? Not exactly! A rare tactical idea.- Find out more. 
  • 04/01/09 Chess Training: Recognizing defensive threats.- Find out more. 
  • 02/24/09 If you are interested in introducing chess to your favorite kid, there is now an excellent book available to you. Gary's Adventures in Chess Country (by I.Sukhin, intro - S.Polgar)  For years, I've been recommending software programs - Fritz and Chesster (ChessBase) and Dinosaur Chess (Convekta) as well as Polgar's DVD for Absolute Beginners. I even co-wrote Teaching Manual for Kasparov Chess Foundation to help teach kids chess. I think, finally, there is a great book for kids as young as 3-4 years old that could draw their attention and, perhaps, develop strong interest in chess. Then the above mentioned products will help in developing that interest. Large hardcover with colorful pictures on every page, good story line and exciting characters - a lot is going for this book. It isn't perfect, but so far my 4 year old enjoys very much - you can order it from your dealer, Amazon, etc.... I have a couple of copies 
  • 02/17/09 Chess Training: Enjoyable Efficiency – Two Simple Winning Ideas You Must Know, Especially When Playing Speed Chess.- Find out more. 
  • 01/25/09 I scanned the Review of my Chess Exam and Training Guide Tactics by former US Champion Joel Benjamin in Chess Life (Dec 07)  - Find out more. 
  • 01/20/09 Barack Obama (accidently) at the chess tournament - Find out more. 
  • 10/10/08 Chess Training: Look Left, Pass Right or How to Keep the Whole Board Under Control!- Find out more. 
  • 09/17/08 New Rybka 3, Chess Assistant 10 with Rybka and other excellent Training tools from Convekta - Find out more. 

If you are a registered reader of my Chess Exams (registration is here), you will get a total refund of 12% on any CA purchases from my site through 11/1/2008. Just purchase the software and send me an e-mail request.

  • 08/24/08 Chess Training: King and a Pawn vs. a Pair of Pawns - Find out more. 
  • 07/10/08 Chess Informant, released issue #101 .

    If you are serious about your opening preparation, this book is very helpful. I always like to review 10 best game and then go immediately to the sections with the openings I play. This is not for beginners! 


    Chess Informant 101 contains 459 annotated games and 516 variations, and features events held between September 1st, 2007 and December 31st, 2007. Read more...


  • (06/28/2008) My friend, International Chess Master Ivo Donev is seeking his second WSOP bracelet.  Find out more. 

  • 05/27/08 Chess Training: King in the Corner - Trapped or Safe? - Find out more. 
  • 05/23/2008 Italian edition of the original Chess Exam (2004) was just released by Le due Torri, the leading publishing house (Italy). For publishers - please note - The rights are available for other languages! Contact me directly

  • 04/09/08 Convekta, publisher of various software products I use and recommend, is raising the prices on average approx. 10%. You can still buy at their old prices until 4/15/08. My prices already reflect the increase, but,  if you pay via PayPal, you will get a refund. If you are planning to send the check, e-mail me your order and I'll tell you the cost. Must be ordered before the end of 4/15 to qualify. Still, free insured shipping on 2 or more products (US only, non-US, please e-mail before ordering)! Find out more
  • 02/25/08 Update on my training offers: Several items to share with you 

(A) I have now video capabilities via Skype as well as  via ICC ( http://www.chessclub.com; no typing required! We talk on the phone and view the board/move pieces too). The latter is especially great for discussing your games. Also, can be done for a group of students or even entire chess club.

(B) Improvement Process - Success In Simple Steps

(C) The following extensive report based on your answers to my original award-winning Chess Exam (2004) is now available as a stand alone item (here), whereas in the past it was a part of the Initial Assessment session. 

(D) The Initial Assessment session is still strongly recommended as it provides the best possible feedback for you and gives you a clear guidance on your training for 3-12 months. Also, games review can often highlight some easy to fix issues not shown in the Chess Exam. Here is an unsolicited feedback from a recent session with Greg (1700 USCF), who describes himself as "middle aged education professional who has returned to chess after a few decades of going to school, working, and raising a family" 

  • 02/02/08 Chess Training: Improve your Chess via Active Learning - Find out more. 
  • 02/01/08 Breaking news: another great review of my Chess Exam and Training Guide Tactics. This one is by Michael Jeffreys for Chessville.com. "... The thing that makes his books so good, as I mentioned above, is his eye for great material.  All of the positions he selects are interesting and usually the obvious try is not the best.  Also, he mixes up his problems so that each turn of the page brings a new adventure, i.e. they are not in any type of “thematic order” like most puzzle books." Read the entire review here. View a YouTube video clip here.
  • 01/29/08 Busy Times: it has been a busy time for me from the mid December through now. Writing, coaching, presenting, just to name a few things. E-mails from satisfied readers are always fun to get. I also welcome constructive criticism as it only helps make my work so much better. I got a lot of e-mails over the holidays and tried to respond to everyone. The best way to contact me if via this form. Was sorry to see Fischer passed away. I always admired him as player. He could have done so much more, but chose not to. I enjoyed scanning through jubilee 100th issue of the famous Chess Informant (see below). I am collaborating on some very interesting projects for www.Chess.com. I suggest you give the website a try. I've setup Skype account and mastered ICC lessons; this might interest those who can't see me in my office or don't come to Philadelphia for our major events. I am planning to visit USATE at Parsippany, NJ on 2/16. There might be a small lecture and book signing between the rounds. Also, on the schedule is a stop in Carlisle at the PA Scholastics Champ in March. Might even play in the action tournament there. Please check my partners mentioned on my happy holidays page
  • 01/28/08 Chess Informant, released issue #100!! .

    If you are serious about your opening preparation, this book is very helpful. I always like to review 10 best game and then go immediately to the sections with the openings I play. This is not for beginners! 


    Chess Informant 100 contains contains 451 annotated games and 489 variations, and features events held between May 1st, 2007 and August 31st, 2007. Read more...


  • 12/12/07 New and Hot! Fritz 11 and other ChessBase products at 15-20% off and free shipping (on some orders) - Find out more. 
  • 12/03/07 Breaking news: very nice comments from former US Champion GM Joel Benjamin in December '07 Chess Life and US Chess Online - "...With innovative methodology Chess Exam and Training Guide: Tactics, aspires to rise a cut above other books in this genre...I love the creative and novel approach to quizzing, but the greatest strength of the book is the selection of positions. The variations of themes is impressive... The selections of positions and posing of questions is skillfully done that every page is a learning experience..." Read the entire review here.
  • 12/02/07 Chess Training: Improve your Chess via Active Learning - Find out more. 
  • 10/29/07 Chess Training: Happy Birthday Coach Foygel! (Test yourself)  - Find out more. 
  • 10/01/07 'House cleaning' continues - new items Books/CDs/DVDs added. Details here. Unique / rare collectables here

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