• 02/25/08 Update on my training offers: Several items to share with you 

(A) I have now video capabilities via Skype as well as  via ICC ( http://www.chessclub.com; no typing required! We talk on the phone and view the board/move pieces too). The latter is especially great for discussing your games. Also, can be done for a group of students or even entire chess club.

(B) Improvement Process - Success In Simple Steps

(C) The following extensive report based on your answers to my original award-winning Chess Exam (2004) is now available as a stand alone item (here), whereas in the past it was a part of the Initial Assessment session. 

(D) The Initial Assessment session is still strongly recommended as it provides the best possible feedback for you and gives you a clear guidance on your training for 3-12 months. Also, games review can often highlight some easy to fix issues not shown in the Chess Exam. Here is an unsolicited feedback from a recent session with Greg (1700 USCF), who describes himself as "middle aged education professional who has returned to chess after a few decades of going to school, working, and raising a family" 

  • 02/02/08 Chess Training: Improve your Chess via Active Learning - Find out more. 

  • 02/01/08 Breaking news: another great review of my Chess Exam and Training Guide Tactics. This one is by Michael Jeffreys for Chessville.com. "... The thing that makes his books so good, as I mentioned above, is his eye for great material.  All of the positions he selects are interesting and usually the obvious try is not the best.  Also, he mixes up his problems so that each turn of the page brings a new adventure, i.e. they are not in any type of “thematic order” like most puzzle books." Read the entire review here. View a YouTube video clip here.

  • 01/29/08 Busy Times: it has been a busy time for me from the mid December through now. Writing, coaching, presenting, just to name a few things. E-mails from satisfied readers are always fun to get. I also welcome constructive criticism as it only helps make my work so much better. I got a lot of e-mails over the holidays and tried to respond to everyone. The best way to contact me if via this form. Was sorry to see Fischer passed away. I always admired him as player. He could have done so much more, but chose not to. I enjoyed scanning through jubilee 100th issue of the famous Chess Informant (see below). I am collaborating on some very interesting projects for www.Chess.com. I suggest you give the website a try. I've setup Skype account and mastered ICC lessons; this might interest those who can't see me in my office or don't come to Philadelphia for our major events. I am planning to visit USATE at Parsippany, NJ on 2/16. There might be a small lecture and book signing between the rounds. Also, on the schedule is a stop in Carlisle at the PA Scholastics Champ in March. Might even play in the action tournament there. Please check my partners mentioned on my happy holidays page

  • 01/28/08 Chess Informant, released issue #100!! .

    If you are serious about your opening preparation, this book is very helpful. I always like to review 10 best game and then go immediately to the sections with the openings I play. This is not for beginners! 


    Chess Informant 96 contains contains 451 annotated games and 489 variations, and features events held between May 1st, 2007 and August 31st, 2007. Read more...

  • 12/12/07 New and Hot! Fritz 11 and other ChessBase products at 15-20% off and free shipping (on some orders) - Find out more. 

  • 12/03/07 Breaking news: very nice comments from former US Champion GM Joel Benjamin in December '07 Chess Life and US Chess Online - "...With innovative methodology Chess Exam and Training Guide: Tactics, aspires to rise a cut above other books in this genre...I love the creative and novel approach to quizzing, but the greatest strength of the book is the selection of positions. The variations of themes is impressive... The selections of positions and posing of questions is skillfully done that every page is a learning experience..." Read the entire review here.

  • 12/02/07 Chess Training: Improve your Chess via Active Learning - Find out more. 

  • 10/29/07 Chess Training: Happy Birthday Coach Foygel! (Test yourself)  - Find out more. 

  • 10/11/07 Special significant discounts on subscriptions to 'New In Chess', one of the best chess magazines - Details here

  • 10/01/07 'House cleaning' continues - new items Books/CDs/DVDs added. Details here. Unique / rare collectables here

  • 09/21/07 UPS recently lost a case of my award winning Chess Exam (2004). After some search, they found the books loose in their warehouse. They shipped them to me. The books are new, but the covers are damaged. If you intend to worn the book anyway, consider ordering one at 50% off. Find out more. 

  • 09/21/07 Daily Internet chess publication ChessToday just released its 2500 issue. I read it every day since its inception. Take a look at this sample copy and, if you are interested, contact GM Alex Baburin to subscribe.  Issue - 2500. 
  • 08/21/07 Chess Humor: Over the last several of weeks, I've gotten several rather funny e-mails from different people - my friend, my students, my business associate, and a reader of my book. I'd like to share them with you.- Find out more. 

  • 07/15/07 Chess Training: 35th World Open recently finished in Valley Forge. This is only a short drive for me, so I spent quite a few nights at the tournament meeting friends, observing my students, talking to dealers and readers of my books. I even played for a fist time in 5 years - Find out more. 

  • 06/26/07 Bob Long, owner of the publishing house Thinkers' Press (Chessco International) sent me a sample copy of his new electronic magazine Chess Reports. Check it out here and contact Bob if you are interested in subscribing. Also from Bob, a new book "Horse Laffs" by Ralph Tykodi. More about this book in one of my future articles.

  • 06/15/07 Chess Training: Do you watch you back ... rank when you play? I place it prominently amongst the 6 Motives or Reasons for combination to occur in my new book - Chess Exam TacticsFind out more. 

  • 05/31/07 Chess Exam 2 - Tactics first edition is here. It is a worthy sequel according to many readers of the advanced edition. Read some of the comments, order autographed copy from me or your favorite dealer.

  • 12/31/06 Happy Holidays!! A few updates below regarding new Chess Exam, Free Chess Today offer, Beautiful Chess Sets, Chess Dealers, Chess T-shirts, Chess Camps etc.... Check details here

  • 12/02/06 Do you want to introduce chess to favorite youngsters in your life? I can strongly recommend the new DVD by none other than Susan Polgar - "Learning Chess the Easy Way, Chess for Absolute Beginners". Very easy, entertaining, high quality and can be watched over an over again (1hr, 20min). Extras - subtitles (English, Spanish, French, German), other stuff if you decide to use it on your PC. I think this is one of the better presents for this holiday season. Check with your favorite dealer. I have a few copies available under $20.
SusanPolgar_LearnEasy.jpg (35111 bytes)

  • 11/10/06 Are you one of the fans of my award winning Chess Exam and Training Guide? Interested in taking the next Exam? Well, to be the first one to learn about the next one and maybe even get it before everyone else, please make sure I have your e-mail address. If you are not certain, register here. Registered readers will soon get the exclusive first shot at the very limited edition of brand new Chess Exam 2. And I mean soon! The full release (dealers, book stores, Amazon etc...) is planned for March 2007. 

  • 10/21/06 'House cleaning' continues - 10 great books (2 award winners) for $8 per book and more. Details here.

  • 10/14/06 If you are one of the many readers of my Chess Exam and Training Guide and would like to get additional rating information to help you focus your training efforts, I can manually produce the following report for you with 40+ additional ratings. For example, when you learn from the Exam that your Endgame needs work, this report will help you to identify whether it is Endgame Tactics or Strategy or Basic Positions that you need to work on first. Details here. I can also discuss my findings and answer your questions via phone or e-mail. Details here.

  • 09/22/06 Chess Training: Have we met before? A couple of days ago I saw an interesting position occurred in the game of two strong GMs - Becerra vs. Blehm from the match Miami vs. Baltimore (US Chess League, I suggest you visit this site frequently and find a team to route for). The way White dismantled Black's position was very impressive, but I did have a strange Déjà Vu feeling. - Find out more. 

  • 09/18/06 The first Non-English translation of the Chess Exam was just released by Olibiris publishing house (France). It looks very sharp! If you read French and own the copy, please let me know what you think. The Russian edition is in the works!

For publishers - please note - The rights are available for other languages! Contact me directly.

  • 09/10/06 Chess Informant, released issue #96.

    If you are serious about your opening preparation, this book is very helpful. I always like to review 10 best game and then go immediately to the sections with the openings I play. This is not for beginners! 


    Chess Informant 96 contains contains 428 annotated games and 517 variations, and features events held between January 1st, 2006 and April 30th, 2006. Read more...

  • 08/30/06 Did you have a good instructional fragment in one your game? Do you want to see it showcased in my next book? Soon I will be notifying members of my mailing list about the specifics. Join here.

  • 08/10/06 Chess Training: 4th and Inches at the Goal Line - Find out more. 

  • 07/12/06 Long anticipated Chess Openings for White arrived. I have a couple of copies left unclaimed by my students. Also, there are a couple of copies of Dvoretsky's Endgame (2d ed.) left. Another shipment has arrived with Ivashenko and Bloch's books (note - 600 combinations is back in stock). Gigantic Enc. of Opening Errors seems to be in a very short supply these days. I am expecting the last 2 copies for this year from Moscow. If you would like to order, please hurry. Check some recent specials - $0.50-$1 for some very nice new books with MSRP of up to $25. Free insured shipping in US - Find out more. 

  • 06/26/06 Chess Training: Chess and Soccer - Ukraine is in the News!  - Read more. 

  • 06/01/06 Chess Training: The b-pawn: Responsibilities and Possibilities.  - Read more. 

  • 04/29/06 Chess Training: One vs. Many (conclusion) - 5 more examples from the simul I gave at the local club, one of the most active in the area  - Read more. 

  • 04/25/06 Spend a day with Kasparov in New York - play in a simul, then be entertained and have a dinner with Kasparov (you can bring three friends at no extra cost!), have pictures, signed certificate etc... I can also annotate your game in greater detail and publish excerpts on my website as well as in some of my syndicated articles worldwide. "Not just a game, but a memory in the making, the head-to-head competition takes place on June 12th in Manhattan's famed New York Athletic Club" - from KCF website. You can win your seat via auction on Ebay. The minimum bid is $2000. The Buy-it-Now - is $5000. If you would like to guarantee your seat without going through Ebay and get some extras from me, please contact me for details. Add your request in the "Comments" field here.

  • 04/03/06 Chess Training: One vs. Many - examples from the simul I gave at the local club, one of the most active in the area  - Read more. 

  • 02/07/06 Chess Training: Advanced Pass Pawn - Threat and Execution - Read more. 

  • 01/07/06 Chess Training: Taking the Elevator Down - Read more. 

  • 01/05/06 I have always been using certain software products from both leading producers - Convekta (ChessAssistant) and ChessBase. I've had a partnership for awhile with CA and my students and website visitors were able to purchase some of my favorite products directly from me saving themselves hustles and money (free shipping is a common offer). Now, I'm happy to announce that some of my favorite CB products are also now available directly from my site or at 15% discount from the leading distributor in US - ChessBase USA (mention my name when ordering to get 15% off).

  • 01/01/06 Happy New Year!

  • 12/20/05 Happy Holidays!! A few updates below regarding Chess Exam, New Evaluation Test, Chess Cruise, Free Chess Today offer, Beautiful Chess Sets, New Chess Directory, Chess T-shirts, Chess Camps etc.... Check details here

  • 12/12/05 Chess vacation - I am a fan of cruises and happy to tell you that there is now a truly great opportunity for a chess player to combine chess training and a relaxing vacation. While I am not likely to be able to attend this time, you can join superstar GMs Susan Polgar, Onischuk and Stripunsky on a wonderful cruise to Alaska in August, 2006. Check details here. Special savings for my readers!

  • 11/20/05 Chess Training: during a recent review of the game that my student played the issue came up - What do you do with your King and why? - Read more. 

  • 11/18/05 Fantastic news for the young US chess players determined to succeed in chess. IM Greg Shahade, a well known organizer (NY masters, US Chess League) has just announced a new organization - United States Chess School. 

  • 10/02/05 More - House cleaning - quality chess books and software for sale. Only one of each item. Many less than 50%. Check here

  • 7/24/05 House cleaning - quality chess books and software for sale. Only one of each item. Some less than 50%. Check here

  • 7/22/05 This Sunday (July 24) there will be a TV show about recent match between the teams form St. Petersburg (Russia) and US. You can find out more about the match as well as TV listing details in your area here - (once macromedia loads there will be a link "Click for TV listings" on top.). One thing to note - my local Comcast listing says the show will be on Sunday at 1PM, not at 12PM as the website says.

  • 7/12/05 Next Tue - 7/19 at 8PM I will be a guest on Fred Wilson's show on Chess.Fm radio (www.chess.fm to listen). Send your questions to Fred and listen to live show or subsequent re-plays. For the show listeners who will purchase my book (see current special), I will autograph it and enclose free cartoon calendar ($7.95 value). Just remember to mention you heard me on Chess.fm after ordering. Offer expires 07/27/05

  • 6/28/05 33d annual World Open started at the Philadelphia Wyndham. See me on Monday, July 4th from 3:30PM till 4:30PM autographing copies of my book and answering questions! Also, remember if you are coming to the tournament on July 2, the roads will be messy due to the live concert on the parkway (1 million visitors are expected!)

  • 6/15/05 New review of my book "Chess Exam and Training Guide" at the ChessCafe.com. Baldomero Garcia: "If you are in the under-2200 category and would like to know how to economize your limited training time, then Chess Exam and Training Guide is for you. It’s simply one of the best instructional books I’ve read in years. It’s a labor of love, so don’t let this one pass you by." See it here (pdf)

  • 6/14/05 Chess Training: A mega $$ HB Global was a success as many of my students who participated have told me. Kudos to GM Maurice Ashley and his business partners at the HB foundation. Let's hope for another event next year. Since I have been going over my students' games, I have plenty of fresh educational examples to  share with you. Today we will look at one practical endgame  Read more...

  • 5/17/05 One of the best US chess writers - Alburt together with the opening expert Dzindzighashvilli, and young IM Perelstein just released Chess Openings for Black, Explained (A Complete Repertoire) I spend a couple of days reading the book and I strongly recommend it to my students. You can:

    1. Get your complete repertoire against 1. e4, 1.d4, 1.c4, 1.Nf3....Main lines and sidelines. 

    2. Address your need in a few specific openings, i.e.  if you are struggling against 1.Nf3 - only focus on that chapter. 

    3. See what your future opponents might playing as Black against you and prepare a "mine"

    I even ordered a few for my students. You can get your copy signed by Alburt here...

  • 5/16/05 A long anticipated super-tournament in Sofia (Bulgaria) is underway. Anand, Kramnik, Topalov, J.Polgar, Adams and Ponomariov. This event has a special "anti-draw" rules. First round already produced some amazing battles including Anand-Topalov with several sacrifices an counter sacrifices. Read more...

  • 5/7/05 Chess Training:Review of Exam results reveals problems with calculations Read more...

  • 5/5/05 TWIC theory - new weekly newsletter. Give it a try Read more...

  • 3/26/05 Chess Training: To check or not to check - this is the question! Read more...

  • 2/27/05 Chess Training: On opening preparation and express comments on two new books Read more...

  • 2/10/05 GM Jonathan Rowson on Chess Exam in book reviews for "New in Chess" #1, 2005:  "I am happy to add my endorsement..." read the full review here

  • 1/29/05 Chess Training: Some basic endgames - that look simple, but will you get them right? Grandmaster and Master did not! Read more...

  • 12/31/04 Happy New Year! I wish you and your family all the best for a healthy and happy New Year!

  • 10/23/04 Do you still remember when the games of leading grandmasters were full of excitement? Well, I think the surprises, occasional bluffs, even mistakes, were the reasons spectators were so interested in the games of grandmaster chess. Here are some current surprises.

  • 09/30/04 "Chess Exam and Training Guide" is now available not only from my site, but from other vendors in US and Internationally. Have you seen it?  Learn more

  • 09/01/04 Who will be the next World Champion - here is one (simplistic, but fun) way to find out if you are good at predicting! 

  • 08/15/04 My new book "Chess Exam and Training Guide" generated quite a buzz at the recent World Open. I am getting rave reviews from players of all levels, including famous grandmasters, coaches, parents. Have you seen it? Learn more

  • 07/27/04 My student Kurt Schneider tied for 4th place in the US Cadet Championship (U16). Kurt is only 15 and is among the top 3 in US in his age group. He came a long way since we started working together 5 years ago. He was a skilled 1400 player and now his is a National Master (rated over 2200).

  • 03/24/04 I am happy to inform you that I am a contributing author to the Masters of Success - Proven Techniques for Achieving Success in Business and Life, it is already a bestseller according to Wall Street Journal Learn more

  • 12/31/03 HAPPY NEW Year!

  • 08/31/03 Looking back - How I beat Sensational Winner of the Dortmund 2003. 

    Back in 1989 I was playing in my first ever International chess tournament. In Round 4 I was facing one of the favorites - Viorel Bologan. See what happened in that game below. Sometimes in the mid 90s, Viorel played in World Open in Phila and I chatted with him a little. He was determine to break into the World elite, and now he did. Congratulations to him. As for myself, I am pleased to look at this "nothing held back" game when we were both young and restless. Check the game!

  • 06/29/2003  I redesigned appearance of my site, if you find any interesting pages been unavailable, broken links, or any other issues, please let me know ASAP.

  • 05/25/2003  I have been using and recommending Chess Assistant products for years. Now I have reached an agreement and became an authorized distributor. Please check my favorite products. Free shipping and other special bonuses!.

  • 4/05/2003  I will be doing a lecture + simul at the West Chester University this Sunday April 13, 2003. The host and organizer of the event - Mr. Robert Macmillan has told me that the lecture is open to the public. Start is approx. 11AM. Location is the Main Ballroom on the 1st floor of the Student’s Union. 

  • 01/22/2003  I am a devoted reader of Chess Today, as well as an authorized distributor. Here you can find more info about the Chess Today, my favorite issue (updated monthly) as well as subscription details, including great FREE bonuses. Learn more

  • 01/20/2003  I will be offering individual and group training at the Parsippany Hilton on February 15 – 17, 2003 during US Team East. I am offering special discounts. Learn more

  • 12/24/2002  I have booked Parsippany Hilton for February 15 – 17, 2003 for US Team East tournament for $93 for 2-night stay. This is $96 cheaper (51% OFF) than the discounted Chess rate. I have gotten it through Priceline, using my personal developed methods. I have already informed my students about specifics. Learn more

  • 12/2002 I accept Credit Cards now! I use PayPal continuously to pay for things I buy – no extra cost. Feel free to pay me orders@iamcoach.com, again no extra cost for you. For your convenience I am OK to absorb a small fee that PayPal charges to receive your payment !  Open Free PayPal Account and get $5 cash bonus! 

  • 12/2002 New book Reviews. ChessMaster 9000 under $21. Amazon secrete code.  Take a look!

  • 11/2002 I played well, but run out of energy at the US Open in New Jersey after starting 5 out of 5, including victory over GM Rohde. Unfortunately, my withdrawal after Round 10 caused some controversy, since it was not reflected in pairing despite me requesting it the night before the last round as well as via phone call 30 minutes before the 7:30 start. The issue was addressed in the December Chess Life. But here is some CRUCIAL additional info -  Take a look!

  • 1/2002 - 2002 US Championship is a History.  I think I did very well. I scored 2.5 / 6 against GMs, beating Alexander Ivanov, drawing Gulko, Stripunsky, Kudrin and losing tough games to Yermo and Browne. I scored 2.5 / 3 against non-GMs. I wish I would have done better in Round 7 against Browne, but at that time I run out of gas, having played 5 tough games in a row against the best players in the country.  You can read my report and see my games here. Also see the official web site -  US Chess Championship!

  • Chess books, clocks (including antique one!), collectable sets. Game used memorabilia. All from my personal collection. Take a look!

  • 11/2001 - Amazing but true I tied for 1st in my third serious tournament in 5 years -  2001 National Chess Congress in Phila. I also qualified to participate in the US Chess Championship! This is one of the more prestigious tournaments with 1st prize $3000. I scored +4=2 and.  See Cross Table. See my Tactics/Strategy lesson from the Game 4   National Congress

  • 09/2001 - I finally played a serious tournament after a long-long lay off. 2001 NJ Open State Championship. While I was rusty, my score was OK for tie for 4th place. +4=1-1. The only loss came from GM Igor Novikov (2700). 6 GMs!! were competing for a whooping .... $500. Guess, what!? They also paid $60 Entry Fees. That is a terrible situation. Don't they have respect for themselves! Of course why would TD Ken Tomas, who tried very hard with virtually no help to run fairly large event, be raising his prizes next year? See my Tactics/Strategy lesson from the Game 6   Somerset

  • 07/2001 - Self-Evaluation test with 200 questions is ready!  Take the test!

  • 07/2001 - 29th World Open (Philadelphia) is a history now! Congratulations to my good friend GM Goldin on winning (in Blitz Play-off) over several top grandmasters. World Open Also, congratulations to my student Kurt Schneider (13) on scoring 6.5/9 third time in a row, now in U2000 section comparing to 6.5 in 1999 (U1600) and in 2000 (U1800) .World Open (U2000) 

  • 03/2001 - Kasparov - Bareev final in World Cup of Rapid Chess in Cannes. In the Semis Kasparov outplayed Grischuk and Bareev won over J.Polgar.  Details - at the official site. Cannes

  • 03/2001 - Kasparov continues to impress at the Linares super tournament. His opposition - Karpov, J. Polgar, Shirov, Grischuk, Leko.  Details - at the official site. Linares

  • 02/2001 - See me playing on the IamCoach.com team with my students at the US Team East Championship in Parsippany NJ (Feb 17-19). Stop by and say "Hello"

  • 01/2001 - "Corus" super-tournament - "Brain-Games" Champion Kramnik, Fide Champion Anand and "The Number One" Kasparov + other top players. Corus

  • Happy New Year! And Happy Holiday to All!

  • 11/2000 National Congress finished in Philadelphia. Congratulation to my student Kurt Schneider on winning U1800 with 5.5/6.0. He also pocketed $1,500. Not bad for 12 year old. See results.

  • FIDE World Championship is taking place in India. Check  results here.

  • From Ireland comes interesting chess services and products. Check them out! Brainchild of GM Baburin and co. www.GMSquare.com - excellent source of chess information from GMs. Free! www.ChessToday.net - daily e-mails from GMs! Very convenient. Minimal charge!

  • Chess Olympiad is finished in Turkey. Men's Russia and Women's China won rather convincingly. For games and info - check Olympiad.

  • GM Kramnik finally ended dominance of Garry Kasparov. 8.5:6.5. +2 =13 -0. Is this a fluke? A set up to get more sponsorship money for the rematch? Remember Euve beat Alekhine only to loose him in the rematch. Future will show, but for now Kramnik enjoys the spotlight.

  •  Viswanathan Anand of India and China's own Xu Yuhua have won the men's and women's divisions of the World Cup held 1-13 September in Shenyang, China. My congratulations to the Champions! WorldCup 

  • $200,000 World Open finished in Philadelphia.  Event's www site. Two of my students had an excellent shot at the $10,000 prize in U1800. Unfortunately, both lost their last round games. Bill Zebrowsky took 5th with 7/9 after loosing heartbreaker in time scramble. That cost him roughly $9,300 as he is expected to get just $700+. 11 year old Kurt Schneider 6.5/9 ($300+) has the same score as last year! You say - so what? One "minor" change last year he was playing U1600! I wish him 6.5/9 again next year, as long as he plays U2000! See Their Results

  • I am currently practicing using Nunn's book. Very interesting and somewhat challenging. Nunn did a good job. Interestingly, Nunn claims that he checked all the positions alone and with Fritz. Still, during the training sessions with one of my students (US master), I was able to find a bust. At least I think I found a bust. But you can take a shot at the position. I will let you know if I find others. I am always looking for tough positions and good busts. Details...


  • First ever super-tournament in Ukraine. Cat XVII. Several top GMs participate including Ivanchuk, Gelfand, Korchnoi. 10 years ago I won this tournament.  The field was not as strong, the average was 2400, but I needed to get 8 points in 14 men round-robin. I scored +6/-2/=5 for 8.5 and got my final IM norm in addition to the title. Event's www site.

  • There are plenty of tournaments going around the world. I usually get updates and games from the ChessCenter.

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